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When launching a mobile parking app for the first time, how do you ensure customer utilization? In order to support the launch of any new payment option, cities and operators need to ease the transition for customers before and after deployment, making sure they’re fully aware of the available technology and how to use it. In this webinar, we share best practices around how to drive mobile adoption through seamless, customer-first implementation, marketing, and customer service.

  • IMPLEMENTING MOBILE PARKING TECHNOLOGY: How to successfully deploy your mobile parking app in your market through customer-first implementation strategies.
  • INCREASING AWARENESS THROUGH MARKETING: How to apply modern marketing strategies to increase awareness, alleviate confusion, and improve the parking experience for your customers.
  • PROVIDING CROSS-CHANNEL CUSTOMER SERVICE: How to effectively communicate with your customers through web, phone, and chat-based support in order to meet their expectations and secure a seamless parking experience.