Join Kristen Locke, CAPP, Technical Sales and Partner Manager at ParkMobile, Perry H Eggleston, DPA, CAPP, and Executive Director Transportation Services at University of California, Davis and Ramon Zavala​, Transportation Demand Manager ​University of California, Davis, to learn about 'Increasing Parking Flexibility on University Campuses'.

Many campus parking operations were already considering modern, consumer-friendly alternatives to permits and physical meters even before the pandemic. Subsequently, many universities are seizing on the pandemic disruptions as an opportunity to harness the latest, consumer-friendly parking technologies in order to completely reimagine campus parking for the future. Innovations like mobile payment, flexible zoning and pricing, and daily decision parking options are helping campuses thrive and make better, data-driven decisions.  

However, successfully implementing new technology, and effectively new business models, is not a one-size-fits all endeavor. It’s vital for university parking operators considering these changes to understand the unique strengths of different parking solutions, best practices for implementing them, and how they interact with other priorities like sustainability and equality initiatives. 

Topics We'll Cover:
  • How Long-Term Permits Limit Opportunities for Growth 
  • Why a Digital, Daily-Decision Model Increases Both Parking Revenue and Equity 
  • How Digital Solutions Help Campuses Make Better Use of their Space 
  • Best Practices for Rolling Out Digital Parking  
Perry Eggleston_Headshot
Perry H Eggleston

DPA CAPP and Executive Director Transportation Services at University of California, Davis 

Dr. Perry H Eggleston has over 25 years of experience developing, refining, and directing mobility programs across the country as an officer, supervisor, manager, director, consultant, and is currently executive director at the University of California at Davis. 

Ramon Zavala_UC Davis_Headshot

Ramon Zavala​

Transportation Demand Manager ​University of California, Davis

Ramon Zavala holds a BA in Criminology from the UC Irvine where he began his work in Transportation Demand Management. After 7 years with UCI’s Transportation department, Ramon transferred to UC Davis’s Transportation Services managing the TDM program, transit relations, and overseeing the overseeing Bicycle Program.
Kristen Locke

CAPP, Technical Sales and Partner Manager, ParkMobile

Kristen is the primary resource for sales on technical details of ParkMobile products and services. She also manages partner integrations and communication for the many ParkMobile integration partners. She has been in the parking industry for the past 15 years.