Effective curbside management is top of mind for cities looking to maximize the value of their most high-value real estate. But digital transformation of both business and consumer behaviors is upending curbside usage faster than traditional curbside management strategies can keep up. 

A comprehensive, digital approach to curbside management is the only way to move forward - and it’s much closer than you think. Digital parking solutions, a crucial piece of curbside management, are more popular with both cities and consumers than ever before. Leveraging widely-used smart parking solutions in new ways is providing cities with unique opportunities to implement more effective, equitable, data-driven curbside management today. 

Join David Hoyt, CRO of ParkMobile and Brent Matthews, CAPP, Director of Parking & Special Projects at Chattanooga Parking Authority to learn about how innovations in smart parking can help pave the way to a fully digital curb along with information about how cities are already applying digital solutions in their curbside management to: 

  • Maximize Turnover and Compliance 
  • Capitalize on New Business Models 
  • Increase Curbside Flexibility and Monetization 
  • Ensure Equitable Curbside Access 
  • Leverage Data and Streamline Operations  
David Hoyt_Headshot
David Hoyt


David is Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for leading all revenue-related activities throughout North America and tasked with continuing ParkMobile’s growth trajectory through new client acquisition, expanding existing partnerships, and forging new strategic alliances.

Brent Matthews_Chattanooga_Headshot
Brent Matthews

CAPP, Director of Parking & Special Projects at Chattanooga Parking Authority 

Brent Matthews has been the Director of Parking and Special Projects for the Chattanooga Area Regional Area Transportation Authority, (CARTA) since 2011. He also oversees the  Chattanooga Parking Authority.